When Time Is Stolen~by Joan Baez

The Music Stopped in My Hand, My Hand, My Hand,
Sadly Smiled the Band, the Band, the Band
Softly Echoes Your Laughter Riddled With Tears.

When Time Is Stolen It Flies, It Flies, It Flies,
Lovers Leave in Disguise, Disguise, Disguise,
Weariness Hangs Like a Curtain Heavy and Old, Heavy and Cold.

It´s Said to Never Look Back, Look Back, Look Back
To Shadows You Left On the Track, the Track, the Track
Gather Your Roses and Run the Long Way Around.

And If Time Should Ever Be Right, My Love, My Love, I’ll come to you in the night
But Now There´s Only Just Sorrow, Parting Is Near,

Parting Is Here,  Parting Is Here, Parting Is Here.