We Are Many Stories


My whole life I am told I “present” well. It has also been suggested that this may be in response to being called “a weakling” and “Gravel-Gertie-Ugly” as a little girl Tom-Boy.

It has been said I am too nice, perhaps inviting mean-spirited people to take advantage of me. Another well-rehearsed saying is that I may be ingratiatingly well-mannered. Pristine thinking of others, they say is my way. And, far too physically beautiful for my own good. It is also said that I over-think most issues.

Additionally, I have been told I am too touchy-feely with males and females ~ that not everyone is a hugger. (I adore hugs.) Some call me a flirt, albeit well-meaning and gentle.

Recently I was told by a dear male friend that I was the epitome of femininity. Sometimes I can get into trouble.

Added to this list is a delightfully high intellectual quotient, a relentlessly athletic body, a head for music and the desire to play many different instruments, by ear with no training. I write children’s books, poetry, music and illustrate.

I am a classical ballet dancer with a BFA in Dance and an M.Ed in Education. At this juncture I have completed all coursework toward a Ph.D in education. Cooking is a passion as long as it is an art. Please do not hand me a recipe.

While medical issues have plagued me for the last five years, there appears to be a lovely plateau of calm for now. It is filled with a peace until now unknown to me. I live in a cobbled-together lake place which acts as my sacred refuge. I have an art studio, an office, a music room and a lovely space for my grandchildren. My daughters along with their husbands are woven intrinsically into the fabric of my life.

There is a huge group of support and encouragement from dear friends. I am surrounded by their love.

Design of all kinds is another love, along with the math and geometry in it. Oh! and I am drawn to laughter…the intense kind that makes my stomach hurt or makes me fall down.

While I find I become easily hungry for tactile sensations, I do well living alone in solitude. Having been on my own for the first time in my life these last twelve years has taken me to new levels as a wisdom keeper. It is good.

Excuse me. Adventure is calling me, again …