This very day staring at the water

Lapping kissing frolicking

An edge of life

My mind flips to the smell of blood

Her blood; our blood

Why now? Who’s? Where am I? When?

An entity on a gurney

Scraping sounds with clacking wheels

She is covered with

splotched white patterns

There is a hush as I am pushed up against a wall

Wheels clatter away

I see four walls and a ceiling

Dripping with blood

the smell strong

The only mother I know

has decided to try

to end her life

At nine years old

I am left

to clean up the blood

splattered and dripping across the ceiling and walls

of home

I begin.

Today I walk to the water’s edge and anoint my storming heart

With nature’s symphony; I breathe fully, cleanly

My chest slows.

Then I remember, the body is my mother

She lives on.

And I, I am blessed to have more time, just a bit

To understand and to get it right

With the sun and the moon and the stars.

I remember Her. My mother.

September 1, 2017 Photography and Poetry by Fawn Rising