Tender Mercies

Family might grow these

in a real

Tender Mercy Garden

Sometimes it is friends ~

Whoever steps up

to offer respite for our

tired and wearily ragged souls

Try to understand

They adore you

and want you alive

safe and thriving

Be aware of their weariness

in the event you

overextend them

Allow spaces

Allow bursts of tension

and stress

they are doing for you what no

other person can

And it is a balm

for this tender-aged crone-girl

a rescue animal of sorts

still getting lost

after all these many years

or perhaps she never was found

to start with

She seeks

guttural searches


begins again

Landing in a place

near those who

extend the noblest hand

filled with rich pure mercy.

June 3, 2017 San Rafael, California
~ Day three of “A New Start: a faint, a fall, a crash”
down a flight of stairs.