Not knowing when to be quiet she asks too many questions,

ponders aloud, and keeps the conversation going and going ~

exhausting family and guests gathered for an early breakfast before

heading out to do chores at the family’s horse ranch she has grown to love so deeply.

Her sister gently chides her for talking too much. Then,

her sister rephrases her criticism cloaked in newly worded sentences.

“No, little sister, you don’t talk too much.

In fact, you are rather quiet. Yet you ask such searching questions!

It is curious how curious you are!”

Fawn Rising feels the sting of her sister’s words yet presents a laughing, lovely face

full of good humor. Then

she remembers the eyes and breath of the gentle beasts, the horses ~ they

understand her curiosity.

That is all that matters.

Wrapping her arms around their necks and listening to the rhythm of their breath ~ breath brimming with goodness and compassion.

For Fawn Rising, it is the sweetest peace.

And she can stop trying so hard to be perfect ~ just rather perfectly imperfect.

December 9, 2012 Meldrum Poetry Workshop
Photograph by RiverQuest/GailMurpheyProductions LostineOregon