Just A’lookin’ Over Her Shoulder!


DaiSuki the Tuxedo Cat lives at a cobbled-together lake place comprised of parts of cottages from the 1940’s. He is stalking a little teenaged Wren.

Boom! He pounces on her and catches her, ever so gently, in his mouth. Leaping over the fence into the animal run he carefully carries her into the downstairs Art Studio and allows her to run around a bit so he can play-fight with her.

The Little Bird Wren begins knocking over art supplies, statues, and paint brushes as she explores the studio. DaiSuki the Tuxedo Cat enjoys the antics of Little Bird Wren.

Soon everyone grows tired and falls asleep.

DaiSuki’s mistress, The Writer, comes upon the napping twosome and scurries to catch the little bird Wren to set her free. Unsuccessful for hours,  the Writer grows weary and lumbers upstairs to bed for the night.

At around 3:00am there is a terrible crash wakening the entire house. The Writer discovers Little Bird Wren has flown up the stairs and knocked over all the family crystal on the foyer buffet.

Sadly it is in a million pieces of fine slivers.

The Writer thinks, “What should I so?” Suddenly she has an idea and opens the wrap-around screen-veranda on the second floor, overlooking a clear crystal lake.

Little Bird Wren falls in love with the space and flies and flies until she is again dragging her wings with fatigue. The Writer closes both kitties and the family dog inside an interior room and opens the hinged screen made for shooting photography. She walks over where Little Bird Wren is resting. Little Bird Wren begins to chirp and follow The Writer as she hops down the knee-wall to the open screen.

Little Bird Wren is so cute! She hops two hops, stops, and looks over her right shoulder at The Writer to make certain she is not too close. Hop! Hop! Look. Hop! Hop! Look. It makes The Writer laugh aloud and clap her hands in glee.

In the next moment, the little bird sees the opening and lets out a loud “Chirp Chirp!”.

She flies away toward the clear crystal waters . . . to freedom.