DiMurphey 006Note: Title refers to avoidance of an issue.


It is a daily quest

to dive under the cover of uncertainty

As we polish and spit shine life’s oft exploding safety helmets.

For certain messages assail me
I hunger and am thirst obsessed
Asking to step aside ghosts of painful lockets.

Make the call home
Lower the flag over the coffin of existence
Repeat the vows of when, where, how.

Sing the warble of ancient healing
Trod unknown territory for the first time and then repeat
Rake detritus into usable mounds and wounds.

Open the heart
Let in the day’s light
Boil the fragments of life.

Allow the God in me to
Untether the hurts and
Give them voice so we might be done with it.

Freshly targeted heart songs
Open my tired eyes
Recharging the platoon of death while