A Time of Reflection


I waken to a world of gray cold drizzle.

It is my favorite weather.

I especially love it if I can be at my lake cottage (the Fort).

It is reminiscent of a tree house.


Located in north central Florida, it is a very old cobbled-together patch of two cottages and three outbuildings.

It is a deeply fragile ecosystem.

So fragile that, if I were God, humans would never have begun to inhabit Florida.


Wild animals romp across the beach and two rescue dogs along with three rescue cats fill my world.

I am an educator/writer.


Three years have flown by with eight hospitalizations.

Four heart issues, one triple-fractured pelvis, one cardio monitor implant, a broken wrist, a broken foot, and two new hips.

These medical issues join osteoporosis in my hips and lumbar, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, severe arthritis, three years of blacking out with falls, seizures, broken bones, anxiety, depression, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), nerve damage to my hearing, and eyesight failing.


For the first time in my life, I am not working ~ I am on a Medical Leave of Absence while my pelvis heals and my hips are replaced. Questions remain.

It is a time of reflection and wonderment.

Thanks to the Great Spirit and 43 doctors, a diagnosis of severe lead poisoning is found along with a genetic mutation conducive to alcoholism, which is also determined to be part of my world.

And while we cannot reverse the damage to the bones or to the brain, we can pull out the unabsorbed lead. And cease the intake of alcohol.

And we do.

And we will continue for life.

It is a time to write, to sketch, to design, to compose music, to choreograph and to take a really truth-telling look at my life’s journey.

It is a time to fall in love with life, people, art, clouds, ladybugs, birds, and horses.

It is a richly textured non-traditional journey.

~Published Moodscope.com, Great Britain, 2015