Without Worth

Fractured into snippets of brushstrokes and dead seeds I wander along the path of rancor and malice Is it so important to be right Is it worth it to leave hearts weary and heaving for oxygen I ask you Is it worth it? Was it? For it is done and now you and I must […]

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My Friend II

We have options As to where where, oh, where do we belong? As the winter of our lives curls up in a corner like a bone-weary kitten our special needs friends family uncertain as to what to do lie in wait anxious for us to finish yet aching with excruciation to make it meaningful.

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My Friend

The eyes are cloudy Neck muscles ripple tension catching the light The voice struggles to enunciate Weary, worn, and weak. A bird flutters outside the window Adorning a setting sun On a lavender-colored lake With songs of mating. Inside, the eyes sparkle, rivet, and descend to folded hands on a frozen lap that cannot quite […]

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Battle Fatigue

  My head is soaked Blood splatters across my chest Eyes cry out for nourishment And yet . . . Aching throbbing wincing Hungering dear eyes Half-eaten dreams Recalling what? A time A time when A time when it was embedded Curled scraping ensnared A fatigue of battle ~ with a hint of hope, undead. […]

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My Heart Will Beat

My heart will beat with the calmness of a newly born soul Held tightly in the arms of the Great Spirit who sees inside those standing near her without fear without tremor without judgment spilling over. Instead I will breed new life within my depression-storing and anxiety-inducing responses and even the agony of stopping too […]

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Muscles Murphey

Thin gangly arms, hair cut above her ears, she lives high in the trees overlooking the Florida  seaside town. Her Cherokee mother places her into the ballet classes of a reknowned Italian dance teacher ~ with the hope she will cease beating up little boys. Nine-year-old Muscles would go on to live and breathe classical […]

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