About Fawn Rising

My First Nation (Cherokee) name is Fawn Rising.
I am far left with my amazing daughters, J. Kirsten Coeur (senior graphic designer with Autodesk in San Francisco) and D. Katrine Dunn (owner Saporito Oil & Vinegar). 
We are all three dancers/athletes/artists. It is an honor to have had a part in raising Kirsten and Katrine along with the loving efforts of the entire Walter H. Murphey Family: Daniel, Gail, Douglas & Timothy. Amazing love, compassion, and kindness.


Welcome to my world!  I write and illustrate under the site name of largeanimalcrossingetc.com (LACE) and am known as Fawn Rising.

My favorite thing to do is write and illustrate. On this site, you can expect to find articles, enhanced memoirs based on true happenings which are not strictly fact-based, poetry, short stories, children’s picture books, ideas, and illustrations.

It is a glorious journey and I am inspired daily by it. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me here. Be well & find meaning while waging your perspective of peace.