What Is REALLY Important?

May2015 010

It is one of those days when for multiple reasons, it seems I need to make some  serious decisions. As I drive away from a “family council meeting” I pull off the road to take a picture of the lovely simple blue sky. It is calming to sit and drink in the serenity.

It is after shooting (my camera) that I realize there is more to the possible moment. I’d not only photographed a lovely blue puffy sky, but also a stop sign (Stop? Stop what? Whining? My quest? My questioning?) Additionally, attached just above the Stop Sign is a One Way sign. Oh! Now I am getting squirrelly. Then I notice underneath the Stop Sign is a sign showing I can go either right or left, a Two Way sign!

It is then I begin to giggle. This turns into  squealing which turns into a slap-your-thigh laughing bout with God. Perhaps I am taking myself a little too seriously, I wonder?

I continue toward home and stop to buy chocolate. It puts everything into perspective. Yes. Chocolate.