There’s a hole in my bed

where we slept.

I leave a light on

just in case

you come.

And sometimes

I set a place for you

at the table.

You never come.

Still, I listen

for your sound

at the door.

You never come.

I can feel your breath

crossing my heart.

I can taste

your fierceness

and hear your comfort

quiet my night terrors.

I see you

when I am breathless

during painful moments

we each find

too honest.

I am consumed.

I am yours.

Devoted to

all that you are.

This hunger,

this yearning,

is bread for my heart.

It gives me cause

to rise

and embrace the day.

I find joy

in the simple.

And you.


You never come.

You are a shadow

and I

am in the shadowlands

waiting and dying.

I cannot

and you will not.

It is one way.

It is one truth.

I’ll be gettin’ on along now.


Real soon.

January 12, 1995
PhotographofNahnee2015 by
ErinLibertyDunn-agefive GainesvilleGolf&CountryClub/Ladies’PowderRoom
Gainesville florida USA