Yet Another New Therapist

What brought me?

I tell her the story of my

Mayday Mayday Mayday

at my daughter’s

I tell her of my discovery

After years of various therapists

Of ten years of dehumanizing


Conjugal intimacy

Mixed with choking blood porn violence

It takes a few breaths

and beats of time

My throat catches

It comes out

After flying to

and being with

my precious Kirsten

This may have triggered

The Lapse

The falling episode

down her flight of stairs.

I had believed that if

I did not acquiesce

My lover would turn to use my children

For his needs

And I have stuffed this memory

While in Recovery

For a very long time

There is more work to do.

Memory recovered in Intermountain Inpatient Rehab, Boise, Idaho.
I am grateful. Deeply ~ to my family and to Intermountain Hospital, specifically Gina Pratt Hicks & Dr. Adamson.