Possible Reasons Why Humans Might Lie

  • Perhaps it is because I have such high expectations of them, and they do not wish to disappoint me; or it could be
  • They are bullies at heart; or
  • Maybe they believe that I am overly emotional and they don’t wish to cause me anxiety; then again
  • They could be protecting their reputations; or they
  • Have a long-held habit; or
  • They are afraid of how I might retaliate; and lastly
  • They have lied so much that they no longer value truth or can identify it ~ so they don’t even realize they are lying.

Hmmm…I wonder. It has come to my attention that a close family member, albeit a well-known bull-by-the-horn character with huge responsibilities, has lied to me my entire life. And in another example, a (now former) romantic interest lied to me throughout our entire relationship.

There is a warning light that comes on in my heart. Sometimes I wish I did not have it. For whatever reason, I know without a doubt, when someone is lying to me.

Can I prove it? I don’t even try. It does cause me anguish and heartache to realize the broken trust. I have been known to I try excusing them by reframing the broken trust as an event whereby they are trying to protect me. This seldom holds up for long.

After time, and repeated lies, I walk.

Sadly, with purpose.

I begin, again.