One Ordinary Angel

The cold bit into her face making her gasp. A list lay on the seat beside her. She is heading for the car repair shop with plans for the day looming in front of her. Nothing seemed certain. Worst of all, there was no one to pick her up from the repair shop.

Her morning prayer time had been delayed as she assisted house guests preparing for a day of sightseeing. Part of her wanted to go with them, carefree and light.

Bills waited to be paid, accounts balanced, windows needed washing, meals prepared and necessary marketing awaited her attention.

On top of all this, the postage rate had just increased, taxes needed filing, the washer was broken, the fridge was acting erratically and the pledge she’d made to herself to spend quality time with her mother wasn’t being fulfilled.

And dear God seemed to have fallen lower and lower on her list of priorities.

Just that day plans to meet her father had fallen through. The children were off with friends, her neighbor exhausted and confined to bed, another friend’s own car was in the shop, and Suzie, Candi and Judy were all at work. It looked as though she would have to wait the whole day for the car to be repaired.

Driving to the nearby town was the first peaceful moment in a sea of “to-do” tasks that had used up most of her week. Part of her wanted desperately to pull over, and to just disappear. The need to be efficient ate at her stomach.

Pulling into the repair shop, she noticed that it had not opened. On top of everything else, now she had to wait in the cold for the shop owner to arrive. She began to tremor and shake from the cold as she sat in her car staring at the locked door.

“Doesn’t the world know that I have important things to do? Doesn’t God want me to get all these things done? And who ever heard of not being open on time? It is the number on rule in business: ‘Always please the customer’.”

There’s no excuse for being late, she stormed silently! Suddenly, an idea occurred to her that maybe no one would come and she would be forced to have a day unscheduled, all to herself. The thought made her feel light-headed and more than a little silly.

Just then a man pulled up, jumped out of his truck, unlocked the shop and lumbered over to her. Startled at first at the interruption into her thoughts, part of her wanted him to go away.

The shop owner apologized for the late time, mumbling tersely about his critically ill parents. . .not expected to live “…through the day.”

Tremendous sorrow at once enveloped her heart of crumbling stone. She expressed her sympathy softly and mumbled an offer to reschedule.

The shop owner’s face relaxed. He took a breath, and smiled.

Driving away she admonished herself for being hardened to the needs of others. She felt small and shallow.

Just then her heart skipped as she remembered her fantasy! She began to smile and hum one of her favorite tunes. Her world began to re-shape and warm with thoughts of all she had for which to be thankful.

Her compassionate and adoring children, her aged yet charming home, her dear brave friends, and her devoted and loving parents, were but a few fortunate aspects of her life.

She was going to make it up to God. It was going to be a great day.

And, it was all hers!

January 23, 1995 Crystal Lake Florida USA wordcount610