Within a span of three days during one holiday season, there is an odd yet revealing energy allowing itself to be present. Four invitations and planned outings are abandoned for various reasons.

Oddly, each cancelled commitment is originally initiated by four separate and dear friends.

First, my manly romantic interest cancels a lovely afternoon of attending a local concert, dinner at our favorite restaurant, and a romantic evening of art at my cobbled-together lake refuge. His idea. While yet another dear friend cancels a kayaking journey of celebration after obtaining her certification in massage – because she has to work at the last-minute. Again, her invite. Thirdly, yet another friend stands me up.  We are to meet to decorate a local church for a Christmas gathering that very evening. And finally, another precious friend cancels yet another kayaking journey due to being overwhelmed for the holiday travel she must negotiate. This gathering is originally initiated by her desire to have “girl time”.

In the midst of all this, it is a week of deep fulfillment. Pocket after pocket of decluttering is taking place in my life. Projects are completed. Throwaway piles are growing, giveaway stacks smile at me, and newly re-purposed concepts are birthing themselves right in front of me. Art and writing are oozing out of my gray matter. Plans are darting in and out of my brain. It is good. It is productive. For the first time in years, I can smile and know a new kind of order.

It is as though I am preparing for the new year with the stuffed glee of receiving an overfilled stocking. While it is an odd feeling to have friends cancel, I wonder about the hidden and unseen gifts given to me due to these occurrences?

Peace & goodwill to all… look for the good, always. In fact, actively wage compassion in your daily meanderings. Love is all around.