The Adventures of Nahnee: Lost Yet Found

I am crying out to the world to find me, feed me, cradle me, love me!

I am an abandoned kitten.

It is very lonely in these woods.

Some really special people drive right by me at the fast food drive-through lane where I am hidden in the shrubbery.

Perhaps they do not hear me, I think.

I get louder . . . and louder.

My cry becomes so loud it hurts my own ears.

My bones are sticking out all over because I have not eaten in several days.

Children walk right by me yet do not stop to help me.

I am certain I am going to go to kitty cat heaven and be with my friends. It is hard and I am very sad.

Then I think, maybe I will see my mommy and daddy?

Mostly I just feel sad and lonely in these shrubs.

A car pulls up for a take-out order and I try one more time to cry loud enough for them to hear me.

Then I see them drive on.

A few minutes later they have circled the restaurant and are back!

A very handsome man parks the car and gets out, leaving a lovely and gorgeous woman with a kind smile waiting in the car, listening for me.

He walks toward the bushes and begins to call out “Here, kitty-kitty-kitty! Where are you? Are you lonely? Are you hungry? Do you want some love?”

I cannot move.

I have no strength and my voice has lessened to a squeak.

The handsome man looks and looks through the brush until he finally sees me, a very thin, very sick, solid black kitty.

He gathers me in a soft towel for I am embarrassingly filthy, and hands me to the lovely gorgeous woman with the kind smile.

I am saved and it feels sooooooo good I cannot stop licking everybody!

A new home is chosen for me by this loving couple. Hmmmm. . . I wonder what it will be like?

Several days later, after having to get shots and being poked by a kitty-cat doctor, I am presented to my new Forever Home.

I become Nahnee Murphey’s new little Boo-BeauCoup!

She is a writer and lives in a treehouse on a sacred lake.

She adores me. Awwww . . . happy days.