Amazing Little Moo-Man


My name is Little Moo-Man. I am a cat. When you look at me from one side, I look like a very small little cow. From the other side, I look like a white cat.

I live with humans in an cobbled-together lake place of two cottages, a detached office, and two out-buildings, old and new.  Right now clouds are gathering across the lake and THEY ARE BIG… AND DARK.   I am doing my favorite things, wandering around, thinking … and sleeping.

Humans say I am a merrily good cat. Humans love me and I implore them to rub my tummy and behind my ears. They are a bit odd sometimes yet I try to overlook their flaws. Still, humans can be quite difficult, especially when I try to fight with my housemate, Blossom the Dog. Oh, my. Dogs can be extreeeeeemely sensitive. Even more than humans, I think.

On this particular day, a Severe Storm Warning Alert has been issued by the Weather Alert System in our north Florida (United States) county. I like these because I can pretty much do whatever I want. Humans are distracted by the Alert and busy preparing the old lake place for a possible electrical outage, or trees falling, or a last-minute tornado (which is terrifically exciting!).


I get to stay under a small outbuilding and reflect at my friend’s grave, Handsome Jazz. I miss him. He has been gone a few months now and I keep looking for him to come from some hiding place. IMG_7427Handsome Jazz was a mixed breed Boxer and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was massive! And so kind.

This is his grave. I will stay here for a while and think about his kindnesses toward me, a cat.

Another part of living in paradise is that our place is in north central Florida. If you are going to live in paradise, this is the safest part of Florida. Usually hurricanes have lost much of their strength by the time they get to us. Even so, I like the distraction for humans. I get to creep around and do as I wish.

Oh, by the way, there is another cat here. His name is DaiSuki (die-sooki). His name is Japanese and means  “I like you so much, so very much, so very very much that… I might even love you!”   Well! I do not love him. He has a mean streak and attacks me about once a week.

I have to admit though, he is a fine-looking cat and looks as though he has on a tuxedo for formal outings all the time. He also moves very well, like a classically trained dancer. Still, I think he is a bit whacked!

Oops! Here he comes. (Ugh.)