The River’s Reach

Prompt #3: Virginia’s Song “Bring Me A Rose”
wintertime; bring when its hard to find; sweet most any time;
oh how easy we forget; bring me a smile when I’m all alone when its hard to find;
bring me some love in my autumn years when its hard to find;

bring me peace when there’s talk of war; when its hard to find;
peace is sweet. Ernie Sheldon 1964

Colin: see Mahatma Gandhi

The River’s Reach

Petals float past my reach as the water surrenders
it’s grip circling my worn & weary body
the petals remind me of my brothers
lost in death
my remaining family
woven to life
my own losses to excess and
our collective losses to extreme greed.

For human desires
Tie our hands over our heads
Behind our backs
Until we cannot breathe and we are left lonely and alone.
Nooses of our own hangman symbols
Loosen with enough sweetness
Enough love
Enough peace

Yes, enough love
Enough peace,
Like the river, surrendering its grip yet forever reaching.