Kitty-Kitty the Wonder Bird ~ a story of Acceptance

Kitty-Kitty the Wonder Bird, who meows like a cat ~ a story of Acceptance.

When I am born, I do not tweet like a bird. No-no-no! I meow like a little kitten and my family, thinking this is cute, name me “Kitty-Kitty the Wonder Bird!”

“Meow….meow!” I cry ~ and the whole family smiles and nod their heads with multiple tweets. Later, I am embarrassed by my sounds and wish I could be a human like my friend, Liberty.

There are two highly important friends in my life, my best friend, Kirsten the Fish, and my favorite human, Liberty, a very little girl.

You see, I am a finely feathered, gentle spirit-bird, who desperately wants to be human. Just like Liberty.

Guess what? Liberty the Human wears tutus. She wears bows in her hair. She wears cow-girl boots and sometimes rain boots with jewelry!

Liberty the Human

Liberty is not just any little girl. She can run and kick a football. She can tackle. She can fall down without crying. She can grind fresh wheat for bread making.

She can EVEN make her bed while singing for her family! She has a lovely and inspiring voice.

This makes me sing so loudly my own feathered neighbors jump off their branches in surprise!

I watch Liberty carefully and decide I want to be just like her. Sadly, I do not think I want to be a bird anymore.

I especially love the tutus, and have a “Tutu Tree” that holds flowing tutus. I like to sit and sing all day and watch the tutus blow in the wind. Oh, how I long to wear one!


My beloved Tutu Tree!


I also have my very best friend. She is a swimmer-athlete and wears a tutu under water! Her name is Kirsten. She lives in The Pond. She is a fish! We spend many days chatting.


My very best friend, Kirsten the Fish ~


Some of my daily activities include flying trips from the Tutu Tree, to The Pond to visit Kirsten the Fish, and then to Liberty the Human’s home.

One day, I cannot find Kirsten. I sing and sing, searching for my dear friend. Then I do a terribly unwise thing.

Looking into The Pond, I… dive… straight… in.


Anna the Alligator


It does seem odd that there is so much darkness in The Pond. Then I realize Anna the Alligator has swallowed me whole! Oh, my. How horrid! And stinky!


Yuck! Anna the Alligator’s Stomach

with Me Swallowed Whole

My eyes become used to the darkness in Anna the Alligator’s stomach, I begin to walk around trying to find a way out.

At that moment I promise myself that if I get out, I will never long to be anything other than exactly what I am: a BIRD.

Then I begin to weep hot, fat, sloppy tears.

Suddenly I think of a plan! I remember Anna the Alligator is ticklish! So, I dry my tears and begin to tickle Anna’s stomach with my tail feathers and “AH-AH-AH-CHOOOOO!!!!!” Out I come in Anna’s sneeze, back into The Pond.

And wouldn’t you know it? Just as I think I am clear, something bumps under me. It picks me up high in the air. “Oh, no! Now what?” I cry out.

“Please, I promise not to wish to be anything other than exactly who I am, if I can just get free!” I promise.

It is then that I look around and see that I am in the small hole-in-a-hill home of Oscar the Otter. His tail flipping around signals he is hungry.He is going to cook and eat me, Kitty-Kitty the Bird. I am so very frightened. Tra-lah!

Suddenly, I remember a song his mother used to sing to him when he was first-born.

I begin to sing to the tune of “Going Home” written by Antonín Dvořák in 1893, Public Domain. The following words are by Fawn Rising:

“Oh, my baby otter-boy;

I love you more than life;

Someday you’ll be big and strong;

and marry an otter-girl wife….

        and marry an otter-girl wife.” 


Oscar the Otter


Oscar freezes. He looks at me, Kitty-Kitty the Bird, staring hard. I can tell he is missing his mother.

He stops building his home on The Pond Hill and pushes me away gently, saying, “Go on, little bird. I will find something else to eat.”

It is at that moment something comes through the pond water and throws me all the way to the opposite shore!

To my wonder and amazement, it is my dear missing friend, Kirsten the Fish!

Swimming behind Kirsten are three tiny baby fish in tutus! No wonder she went missing. She has been busy making a brand new family. Hooray!


Kirsten the Fish with her Three Babies

To celebrate being together, Kirsten and her Babies swim upriver to meet me at the Tutu Tree. We have a great party for the new baby fish.

Liberty the Human comes to dance and sing. She brings her hand-ground homemade bread to share ~ and her little sister, Julia Grace!


Clockwise: The Tutu Tree with me perched in it;
Kirsten the Fish with her Three Little Babies;
Julia Grace, Liberty’s Baby Sister;
and, Liberty!

Oh, my. What a grand day we have. We dance and sing all day!

I accept and am happy to be exactly who I am, a bird named Kitty-Kitty who meows and tweets like a bird. It is a great day.