In My Dream Do-Over World


Most days I have no regrets. Okay. Some days I have no regrets. IF I could do a ‘dream makeover’ version of my life I might:

  • Avoid people who suck their teeth and spit;
  • Allow all children to engage in their growth years without violence of any kind;
  • Keep far away from humans who leave one feeling “less than”;
  • Do away with having to listen to phone conversations;
  • Conquer war, hunger, and disease;
  • Eliminate housekeeping;
  • Avoid the word “tolerance” ~ I prefer “acceptance” and believe it is far more significant;
  • And, tah-dahhhh! Refrain from romantic relationships where my date rides off and leaves me when confronted with twelve-foot alligators on the cycling trail.

If I could avoid all these things then maybe I would be a much different human being.

Yet, I adore who I am. Right now.


~ Variation published, Great Britain, 2015