I’m Tired

Can it be

that human suffering is growing


each day I waken?

Could the suffering get

any respite

from this cruel world?

Could we

educate our young

to ease the suffering as

a gift to humans?

Why is it deeply ingrained to cause hurt?


Am I only seeing one side

or that I must pass through this phase to crossover?

Will we waken one day

only to glory

in the resilience

of problem-solving?

We do not seem to practice peace across the

span of life ~

Must I accept this?

Must I stop chasing Nirvana?


I know I am bone-weary-tired yet I will arm myself with resilience

and flatly refuse to accept this lack of caring.

I will go forward and spread the wings of tenderness around the world.

I will find my bone-weary-tired way.

May 6, 2017  Meldrum Poetry Workshop
Photography by KatrineDunnPhotography 
Prompt: Virginia “I’m tired…it’s time.”