Handsome Jazz

IMG_7427He is found in South Carolina. Beside a highway. The upper half of his face lies peeled back exposing his skull.

He’s been left for dead after spending time as a bait-dog in a dog-fighting ring.

Emaciated at forty percent of his normal weight, teeth filed off, unconscious, barely breathing, full of heart worms, Handsome Jazz’ upper face is ripped open toward his ears.

A lovely cross of Boxer and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Handsome Jazz is rescued by a no-kill corporation from Utah. Spending thousands of dollars, hundreds of surgical hours, and countless volunteer days of care, this corporation manages to put Handsome Jazz back together. They find him a forever home to live out the last eight years of his life.

With me. At my cobbled together lake refuge. With four other rescue animals. Until the day he dies in my arms from a massive stroke.

He was a very good boy. My heart lies in shards.