Four Women

The following poetry honors the death of Julia Inez Nelson Hart. It is written In response to
1) Katrine Dunn’s photograph of Great-Grandmother Hart & her great-granddaughter (Katrine’s daughter), Liberty;
2) an audio piano music composition by Nahnee (Katrine’s mother) along with five pieces of poetry; and
3) a recording of Liberty & Nahnee (Dianne, Katrine’s mother) singing a very old hymn.
Additionally the following poetry is written & shared by dear friends Colin & Virginia Neal, and Dr. Donald Meldrum, in response to the above-mentioned prompts:
by Virginia Neal

Silky pink dresses

with pretty lace collars

Warm woolen coats

with hats to match

Can you hear the old Singer


As Nan makes clothes

for me and my sister~

For christenings and parties

and so many proms

Yet of all her efforts

I give her the crown

For the last thing she made me

My wedding gown.


Farewell to Great Gran
by Colin Neal


Memories of Grace…

No one

can take your place

Or replace your loving

caring face

Without you

there will be

an empty space.

Yet you will always be

so fondly remembered

Because your love

could never be erased.

With sweet memories of you

we will always be graced.

Our sweet memories of you

we will always


Four Women~Denouement
by Donald Meldrum


Eyes that are closed

in the soft light

in the accepting

of what must come

her eyes and her eyes,

and hers and hers,

knowing only that which

can be held,

the warm skin

the heart that beats

the warm breath.

The hymn searches

weaving the robe

for wrapping

In the circle we find

the mystey

the unknowing

of creation.

‘Tis a wonder

a tear-filled wonder

filled and fulfilled

in the holding

as through this image-song

she holds her

in the soft light

and in turn

is held.

Four Women ~ Prelude
by Donald Meldrum

She holds her

as she has been held by her.

Time is a circle

holding the two women

hand in hand.

The child sings

a high strong pitch.


she plays the piano

writes a song


she moves the camera

clicks the shutter.

In the soft light

the hands of four women


in this visual music of


The tears

come from behind her eyes

eyes that have seen

those years,

eyes that have seen

only six years.

The hymn wails

through their lives

on she sings

her hands

curled on the bed

her hand

on the piano

her hand

on the camera.

A Letter to Mama Hart
by Nahnee

I hear the measure of your words

feel the ryhthm of your walk

I see your God in the flowers

you treasured so highly.

By your presence

you brought new understandings

with melodies of acceptance

You brought scents of adoration

and heralded victories of quiet patience.

You simply



understood and performed

the beckoning of God

as you felt His eyes

upon your life.

I thank you.

march 3, 2017 meldrum poetry 75 words
prompt: katrinedunnphotography2016 of liberty & grandmama hart



By Nahnee:



She touches her hand

Strokes her hair of lightly falling waves

Her soul dances before us backwards and forwards

The view is inside little Liberty’s seven year-old journey.

It tells her


Not yet

Not one flower

Not one sigh of resignation.

Then we notice

She, the great-granddaughter

Has wrapped her body around

Her great-grandmother’s

Deathbed of raw pureness

We wait.

january 12, 2017 meldrum poetry workshop
julia inez nelson hart crosses over the next day.


By Nahnee:

Her most notable accomplishments

Were ~

nothing at all.

She did nothing spectacular

She hurt not one living entity

She caused no harm to her enemies

She made each being feel acceptance

She heard not criticism

nor spoke of any harshness

She felt





And held high an even keel

A sameness

A oneness with all humanity

and God.

january 19, 2017 meldrum poetry workshop
note: i miss you, mama hart. we love you so deeply. di