Awe thin ti City

Awe thin ti City

Trans Parent See

Angry Arms

Coffee Grounds

Un Broke In

When to engage the censoring mechanism

While judgment & essential dislike(ness)


(Are) present? ~ self

Do I truly miss the person

Or, do I miss the idea of the person? (paraphrased from F. Woodman, Journal)

2013 Burning Bowl desires ~

Personal peace


studio set-up: clay silk photography and writing

Four Falls meaning? Signifying nothing?

Monday at RiverQuest frozen ground

Wednesday at RiverQuest ~ bathroom door at right angle (later needed MRI due to severe headaches)

Saturday at Boise Airport

Monday ~ last two stairs at Stick’s

One last howling bright spot.

fawn rising January 1, 2013 at San rafael, CA