Embracing Ambiguity


Climbing as high as I can go with no place to go ~

How many of us do this as humans?

Sometimes I feel obsessed with climbing toward a goal
Without having a clue as to what I might do when I reach it
I say, “Oh, well, this was a fun journey!”
or I say “Winnie the Poop! I did not think this through.”
And so
I begin again
With yet another one
Flying to embrace ambiguity.

Photograph by Fawn Rising
Wild Kitty model: DaiSuki (Translation from Japanese as I understand it is “I like you. I really like you. I like you so much, I might even love you!”)
Caveat for Animal Advocates: I did not put him up there. He was discovered. However, I did take a moment to photograph him prior to getting him.