My Friend II

We have options As to where where, oh, where do we belong? As the winter of our lives curls up in a corner like a bone-weary kitten our special needs friends family uncertain as to what to do lie in wait anxious for us to finish yet aching with excruciation to make it meaningful.

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A Pretty Amazing Cat

DaiSuki is known as a “tuxedo cat” due to his markings ~ he looks as though he just stepped out of a grooming parlor and is wearing a tuxedo. His markings make him look like he has on a bow tie, white shirt, and a dinner jacket. He is also very fluffy. Some days he […]

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And They Were Kind

My name is Nahnee. I am a grandmother. It is the most meaningful job I’ve ever had, besides being a mother. I also happen to love adventure! Not long ago I am driving on a lonely winding road. It is a sun-dappled day with heavy winds. I slowly ramble toward a beloved family gathering nestled […]

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