Battle Fatigue

  My head is soaked Blood splatters across my chest Eyes cry out for nourishment And yet . . . Aching throbbing wincing Hungering dear eyes Half-eaten dreams Recalling what? A time A time when A time when it was embedded Curled scraping ensnared A fatigue of battle ~ with a hint of hope, undead. […]

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Stomping home to pray. I sequester hunger for spirit. Eyes lift bearing one quivering heart. April 19, 2017  Meldrum Poetry Workshop Prompt: Colin’s meditation; Avoidance causes suffering in the Eight Noble Truths

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Fawn’s Piano

By Donald Leslie Meldrum, PsyD of Clinical Psychology & Poet   To aspire and inspire The breath fresh and clean As notes become chords And melody becomes harmony. It is the transition that grips the heart The hidden beat, the pulse of music The flow measured as the fingers fall And what emerges unshackled, is. […]

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Wounded Healing

Harsh yet healing winds Fracture Breaking through bindings Of silent still hearts. We step off edges, seeking An abyss, a pattern, it Haunts our night terrors And slowly, ever so slowly What is known leaves That which is new is relentless Pounding at our carefully locked doors unceasingly Fear fades as courage arches and struts […]

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You See

You see I am not fully grown And hope ne’er to be For there are still So many questions Along with my rapacious curiosity. I adore my life And all who enter Taking parts of my soul To sprinkle elsewhere You see  There is a sometimes a gaping hole Running amok within the confines Of […]

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The Death of Dually Murphey

Part I Do I have tattered Courage to feel respite in the morning? We mourn the passing of our great friend, brother, uncle and hero An unheralded and oft dismissed saint of the highest. We poets, soldiers, teachers and stakeholders in the bonds of Humanity He, a finder of words and Fate who breaks our […]

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Can we steer this vessel toward the heart’s longing for wordlessness? Can we piece together a quilt of guilt from years of layered shame? Might we cry out to stay within the dark emboldened lines of compassion’s ache? And how, in the wee hours of night’s aloneness, do we make sense of the world’s anguish? […]

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The Bargaining Table

Because of my brother, Du, I cannot say this word The word that later becomes Lucifer’s name Never have I understood why Perhaps I am afraid of it. Perhaps it is the charm he presents Or the image of hounds at someone’s heels while I adore all animals Or maybe it is the connection to music […]

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I Remember

Spoken names Frozen in time Wearing their military service as a Woven tapestry We begin as isolated islands in the pews The names, called out Energy gathers The congregation becomes one family in their grief. As the candles jump and flicker to life The minister bows his head One by one we rise to stand And […]

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The time has come for me to go Into the wilderness of sleep With death clacking at my heels Where the bowels of the desert Kill the distraught churches of sanity.   And the cougar drags her offspring across the jeweled sand by its neck Entrails from her baby wander this way and that not […]

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I Will.

For as long as tides turn and the moon, however faint Shines its buttery soft light I will. And as far as my eyes can pierce the dark and my limbs can move toward your ever-beseeching thoughts I will. For my life is broken Shattered Beaten and Bloody Without you. I will wait until I […]

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Harbinger II

The voice cracks as her chest contorts the eyes lower A tremor of hands court the lurching split in her gaze.   A faraway light glistens and dusts her breath as she leans in to whisper Fare thee well. Fare thee  well.

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Harbinger I

The voice the eyes the breathless gasp The jerking shift in his directional gaze … A forever light glimmers to dust his breath As he whispers “it is done.”

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