Howling Bright Spot

The light is fuzzy and warm and rich and dark. It is softening the lined face in deeply impaired pain. Awakening and walking through shudderingly exquisite awareness that surely will end with the cessation of death’s final howl. March 3, 2011 collaborative Photograph by MichaelWeiss/FawnRising  Thunder Bay, Canada/Gainesville, Florida USA

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In a Dither

Angry arms Coffee grounds Un broke in When to engage the censoring mechanism While judgment and essential dislikeness appear Are present ~ Do I truly miss the person or do I miss the idea of the person? January 1, 2013 San Rafael, California with Kirsten

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Was It You?

Oh, my! What can I say? Was it you who’s treasure glistens and crackles And is a balm for my broken weariness And cakes over the isolation? Is it your eyes that shimmer and flash And cloak me with gratefulness for your trust your presence your breath your commitment to simply be Just be with […]

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A Time of War I

Everything I ever lost was during a time of war ~ Relationship Wars Though I am considered everyone’s favorite friend, partner, wife, role model I jest to cover the broken shards of gilded memories that linger. While I simultaneously embrace change Change that propels me through the dance of aging The greatest war is with […]

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Saluting Integrity

To you human friend mate unconquerable spirit man friend. Admirer of all things good and kind lover of animals music poetry thought. Believer of a God heart songs compassion empathy. Words written and words silently mused. Advocate of journeys forward around and back. Strengths redefined scrutinized puzzled into foggy air. Avoider of self-criticism coupled with […]

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  Oh! let the love glisten in your eyes, And through your touch Let compassion rule over your demands Allow empathy to guide your steps. Focus on What is Now Here In silence Without judgment Within you. January 6, 2014 Meldrum Poetry Workshop

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His voice says Come His eyes say stay His mouth whispers of peaks and castle tops His hands implore honor my touch. I ask Who are you I ask How did you know of my hunger. I sing of love death and loss I beat the march of the dying on my drum. He says I […]

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The Measure of Joy

I cannot for the life of me Find joy In measuring it. I can Find joy In unexpected places Hidden and waiting Holding out for someone To surprise. Like a baby frog dancing in harsh light Like an apology after a storm of barbed words and bulging veins Like a present when I least deserve […]

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One Final Wish

I cannot get enough I shall not lie It quarrels with the stolen wind To say I would not die For one last final scent-filled night wrapped haltingly against your skin While listening to the end-time thrumming of your glorious heart. September 9, 2013 Meldrum Poetry Workshop Prompt: Edgar Poe to Helen of Troy ~ […]

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I notice you in the vegetable aisle Behind you I whisper Leaning in toward your shoulder “You know, they’ll just let anyone in here!” Turning suddenly You give me a startled look followed by sweet throaty laughter And ask where I’d come from? My statement echoes breathlessness Words tumble as I share too much I […]

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I Will Love Again

The signs were there. I ignored them. The comfort of being loved was overwhelmingly sought by me. Now, I must deal with the loss. Feel it. Experience it. Allow it. Forgiveness is important. It takes less energy and allows me to reclaim my own power. To resent or hate or withhold forgiveness is giving away […]

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Row Ashore

    Of ancient souls Come, my love Reach and rock My heart in yours It is a wellspring Of gentle movements Crashing Upon the shore Who loved before us And left us their remnants Of broken bows And paddles And disintegratingly exquisite dreams.

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My Michael

Sir Michael by Kirsten Coeur, Sr. Graphic Designer, Autodesk  11.26.2016 Crystal Lake, Florida USA   A well-traveled Prince of Peace Golden flecks sprinkle his heart Generosity wears his soul As if in perpetual prayer.   Humans rally Animals flock and stare Art pursues the bent of his care And all are welcome   Whatever Wherever […]

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