Wounded Healing

Harsh yet healing winds Fracture Breaking through bindings Of silent still hearts. We step off edges seeking An abyss a pattern it Haunts our night terrors And slowly ever so slowly What is known leaves. That which is new is relentless Pounding at our carefully locked doors Unceasing. Fear fades Courage arches and struts and […]

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Saluting Integrity

To you human friend mate unconquerable spirit man friend. Admirer of all things good and kind lover of animals music poetry thought. Believer of a God heart songs compassion empathy. Words written and words silently mused. Advocate of journeys forward around and back. Strengths redefined scrutinized puzzled into foggy air. Avoider of self-criticism coupled with […]

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His voice says Come His eyes say stay His mouth whispers of peaks and castle tops His hands implore honor my touch. I ask Who are you I ask How did you know of my hunger. I sing of love death and loss I beat the march of the dying on my drum. He says I […]

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One Final Wish

I cannot get enough I shall not lie It quarrels with the stolen wind To say I would not die For one last final scent-filled night wrapped haltingly against your skin While listening to the end-time thrumming of your glorious heart. September 9, 2013 Meldrum Poetry Workshop Prompt: Edgar Poe to Helen of Troy ~ […]

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I notice you in the vegetable aisle Behind you I whisper Leaning in toward your shoulder “You know, they’ll just let anyone in here!” Turning suddenly You give me a startled look followed by sweet throaty laughter And ask where I’d come from? My statement echoes breathlessness Words tumble as I share too much I […]

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So Very Quiet

So quiet Ignored overlooked perceived as weak diffusively torn So quiet Curled in a fetal she keeps her small body cradled in her corner So very quiet Weeping without sound hair matted unclean damp tears and sweat So entirely quiet In a world where no one stops talking. Where is her voice Is it caught […]

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Liberty’s Farewell

Quivering Quaking She touches her hand Strokes her hair of lightly falling waves Her soul dances before us backwards and forwards The view is inside little Liberty’s seven year-old journey. It tells her No Not yet Not one flower Not one sigh of resignation. Then we notice She, the great-granddaughter Has wrapped her body around […]

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Exquisite Love

Lift high the gaze Upon which my shuddering wings Sweep across the palette of life; To heal my ever-pulsing flight Toward silence A silence so profound It reigns my rambling yet cracked heart; Breathing the breath of life Into scaling the tortured mountain Of sorrows past yet remembered For their noble and exquisite love. Noble […]

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Not knowing when to be quiet she asks too many questions, ponders aloud, and keeps the conversation going and going ~ exhausting family and guests gathered for an early breakfast before heading out to do chores at the family’s horse ranch she has grown to love so deeply. Her sister gently chides her for talking too […]

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Lavender Edges

The lavender edges begin to swim and teem and brim to overflowing as her fascination begins lapping inside her brain~ like shards of pretty little pieces of broken bone china all touching and not touching, dangerous and lovely. Wickedly pointed yet somehow able to calm her anxious heart. Anxious for the life she’s spent seeking […]

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A Child’s Cheek

I Humans Unforgiving terrorizing deliverers of ultimatums Sequestered in forests of greed Boiling dreams of their highest And best into stews of carnage. II How deliberate is this action of desired power? Can we set it aside and allow The bold scenting of A never-ending nightmare to fester And remain forever heightened? III Hope awaits […]

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Tears of Grace

Her most notable accomplishments Were ~ nothing at all. She did nothing spectacular She hurt not one living entity She caused no harm to her enemies She made each being feel acceptance She heard not criticism nor spoke of any harshness She felt plodded traversed bled wove And held high an even keel A sameness […]

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We Are All Addicts

Combining the Judeo-Christian recovery program of 12-Steps with Buddhist psychology and spiritual practice in a way that is balm for  the soul, means we can finally take a step back. Breathe. Opening our hearts to acceptance and compassion and forgiveness, we find we are able to extend the hand of peace as we nurture each […]

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Slow. Oh. So. Slow. Bit by tiny bit We tear at the remains Over time Wounds gather Boiling Festering Smelling Rotting The stench of slow death By words Those spoken And those not. Fawn rising March 7, 2011

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