Yet Another New Therapist

What brought me? I tell her the story of my Mayday Mayday Mayday at my daughter’s I tell her of my discovery After years of various therapists Of ten years of dehumanizing dissociated Conjugal intimacy Mixed with blackout choking blood forced pornography violence It takes a few breaths and beats of time My throat catches […]

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I understand My mind is not okay Perhaps it never ever has been Yet It does not have to Be this way I have mistreated It by giving It a responsibility One that is incomprehensible And causes breaks Weak Unsustainable psyche Signaled By fear and incessant neurotic Thought.      

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    After fifty years my heart and the Snake River overflow from the greatest snowfall winter ever. Why can I not maintain an engaged and purposeful life with continuity with consistency? Why am I now overflowing with harmful thought? Am I like the river? How can it be that I am lost and confused […]

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Tender Mercies

Family might grow these in a real Tender Mercy Garden Sometimes it is friends ~ Whoever steps up to offer respite for our tired and wearily ragged souls Try to understand You are adored and they want you alive safe and thriving Be aware of their weariness in the event you overextend them Allow spaces […]

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Specimens. Under glass. Bound. Ensnared. Unidirectional. Captured. Marked. Why? Frozen in time A raw collection A time of forced connection. Studied ~ mothering. Touching. Reaching. Breathing. Earthling-mandated rape of the soul The callousness of bondage rules. We will do this together. We will make this work. Traversing toward total, absolute freedom. Zoo. A human zoo. […]

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Sausalito Alone

Weary On the wall between water blue bay and climbing vining houses unknown impressions of rock solid lives private and silent yet for their unsheathed windowed eyes staring blankly at nothing. July 23, 2005 Sausalito, CA with Kirsten & Rick  Stop waiting. Go forward.

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Messy political adversarial Smelly tainted another scourge of existence Ludicrous comedies play daily in the areas of what some dare call Education. Fraught with priggishness Power salaciousness gender-bashing racism and self-heralded sainthood. It fosters the great imposter and leveler of playing fields As in an open wound Unyielding Un-healing Education. January 12, 2014 Crystal Lake […]

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Little Boy Gone

Thank you from my heart for your smell your sounds your energy.   The way you approach my cooking (my milk-swollen breasts) The way you grab my hand The way you cuddle Your gorgeous skin Your silky hair Your deep dark eyes of lives past.   Thank you for being with me for a while. […]

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My Little Blank Page

Does my blank page care that it is still blank Will it have trouble sleeping tonight Will it curl up with its mother left alone ~ unneeded? Will it twist around and watch the other pages fill with scribbles and art and wonder how it feels to be so deeply involved? Or will it stand […]

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Within her musing morass of mellow nobility, she cries out in labored breathing. A trail of tears journeys across her chest heaving as the wrappings of her child’s birthing fall away. Then, we hear the seemingly haunting and simple sound of living breath’s unfathomable wellspring. March 9, 2017 Project Meldrum   Flow: How this idea […]

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Four Women

The following poetry honors the death of Julia Inez Nelson Hart. It is written In response to 1) Katrine Dunn’s photograph of Great-Grandmother Hart & her great-granddaughter (Katrine’s daughter), Liberty; 2) an audio piano music composition by Nahnee (Katrine’s mother) along with five pieces of poetry; and 3) a recording of Liberty & Nahnee (Dianne, […]

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No Matter What

I notice the majestic oak in my peripheral sight Has a rather large “closest to the ground branch” Big enough to launch a treehouse mansion or a thousand voices of victory. Sadly, it is dead, yet still hanging attached to the trunk. Unwell from this dead branch and needing its own celebration the rest of […]

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I Could Be A Tree!

Perhaps in another world I could be a tree! And every time I open my mouth You’d see a part of me   Reaching and arching toward the skies with leaves of purest green As roots and rabbits dig deep down inside my mouth to dream.   Of fair weather days with chattering birds having […]

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