Dear Death

Imagining I am at your Door the Door of Death ~ for I believe our lives are fleeting blips on a giant screen covering vast landscapes  of time ~ Yet, back to Dear Death (may I call you Dear Death?) Now, I know you are the Great Equalizer, since no one person can escape you. […]

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Waiting She is coming To be With. Through trial ‘midst family partings She appears Again and Again. The pulse, beat and rhythm Of life’s messy journeys Won’t keep her away She comes. January 12, 2014 Lago de Crystalle

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Shiny new squeaky clean His breath is minty His teeth even and white The belly of his muscles Extend past normal Jeans tight against his crotch Shirt taut with the weight of his breath He smiles and caresses His own body There’s no one home. May 5, 2014  Meldrum Poetry   Prompt: Pateh’s Song “Let […]

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On Her Breast

The circle of life and death tattooed on her breast She walks daily to lay a fresh hand-woven wreath at his grave Whispers of dull aches scream in her bones. Longing to hear his laughter Feel his breath Quiver under his weight She is at once broken and renewed and she walks away.  May 5, […]

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Stems of Knots

It is dark woodsy heavily scented A blossom beckons to me I lower my body Into the lush growth And stay For a while. May 5, 2014 Meldrum Poetry Workshop  Prompt: Marilyn’s Painting

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School Days

“The blood dries on my handmade white cotton dress with lace inserts. My hair is cropped short. Long thin limbs are attached to my ten-year-old torso. A nervous smile plays a child’s game with my mouth. I am cornered. Again.” It seems to happen these days more often than before. Don’t look at her face. […]

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Amazing Grace

Raised by her distinguished and adoring father, she is considered a natural scholar and athlete. She delights in presenting her father with excellent grade reports and in delivering the news of having set new school competitive swim records. Although also gifted in the arts, this dark-eyed, laughing, engaging child will soon become another high school […]

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Row Ashore

    Of ancient souls Come, my love Reach and rock My heart in yours It is a wellspring Of gentle movements Crashing Upon the shore Who loved before us And left us their remnants Of broken bows And paddles And disintegratingly exquisite dreams.

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Brightest Star Fades

Note: Handsome Jazz was found, left for dead beside a deserted highway, in Columbus, South Carolina. He had heartworms, filed down teeth, scars covering his body, and an emaciation state before unseen in a living creature. He had been the bait-dog in a dog fighting ring in the United States. Yet he persevered. He forgave. […]

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Betrayal’s Lesson

We are each many stories and experience numerous struggles. If we are honest, we each know the frazzled and weary world of betrayal. It is sometimes difficult to understand and resolve betrayals. Yet we all have been there ~ and will be again if we live fully. One way to perceive betrayal is that we […]

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  So. It is. I am older. I am more knowledgeable. I am perhaps more keen as to what may be lacking in our lives, as well as the goodness and mercy I witness in abundance. My dear brother’s death in January of 2015 (Douglas David Murphey) is still paramount in my mind’s wanderings, and […]

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  It is with slight trepidation And a  newfound respect for myself that I bubble up to the surface of the chaos in my brain And back down to the slimy bottom dregs of poisonous thought.   It is there I find the raping of human souls Vying for God only knows For I wither […]

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