I’m Tired

Can it be that human suffering is growing exponentially each day I waken? Could the suffering get any respite from this cruel world? Could we educate our young to ease the suffering as a gift to humans? Why is it deeply ingrained to cause hurt? OR Am I only seeing one side or that I […]

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Messy political adversarial Smelly tainted another scourge of existence Ludicrous comedies play daily in the areas of what some dare call Education. Fraught with priggishness Power salaciousness gender-bashing racism and self-heralded sainthood. It fosters the great imposter and leveler of playing fields As in an open wound Unyielding Un-healing Education. January 12, 2014 Crystal Lake […]

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My Friend

My friend. She wears a perpetual look of disappointment. Her eyes do not sparkle when her laughter echoes throughout the room. Her body never ceases to keep a slight yet quick beat of intentional jumping. Her heart is kind yet judgmental, her intellect searching yet narrow. My own heart wants to invite her to relax, […]

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My Little Blank Page

Does my blank page care that it is still blank Will it have trouble sleeping tonight Will it curl up with its mother left alone ~ unneeded? Will it twist around and watch the other pages fill with scribbles and art and wonder how it feels to be so deeply involved? Or will it stand […]

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Within her musing morass of mellow nobility, she cries out in labored breathing. A trail of tears journeys across her chest heaving as the wrappings of her child’s birthing fall away. Then, we hear the seemingly haunting and simple sound of living breath’s unfathomable wellspring. March 9, 2017 Project Meldrum   Flow: How this idea […]

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A Letter to Mama Hart

I I hear the measure of your words feel the ryhthm of your walk I see your God in the flowers you treasured so highly. II By your presence you brought new understandings with melodies of acceptance You brought scents of adoration and heralded victories of quiet patience. III You simply calmly serenely understood and […]

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One Ordinary Angel

The cold bit into her face making her gasp. A list lay on the seat beside her. She is heading for the car repair shop with plans for the day looming in front of her. Nothing seemed certain. Worst of all, there was no one to pick her up from the repair shop. Her morning […]

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Fawn’s Guidelines

What stands out in your mind? Was anything a bit confusing? Is there a part about which you’d like to know more? Please use the above guidelines when willing to give feedback after reading a work. I am grateful FawnRising2017

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Fawn’s Rules

Hurt people, hurt people. Compassion rules. It is not about you. Frida: You deserve a lover who wants you disheveled, with everything and all the reasons that wake you up in a haste and the demons that won’t let you sleep. You deserve a lover who makes you feel safe, who can consume this world […]

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For the Children

Truth. Praying we only have a bit of dust in our eyes Seeking Noble truth. Actually Four Noble Truths as my friends Virginia and Colin and the great Buddha suggest.   We suffer about and for the children Watching for signs Listening for a healing for the children.   Seeking a way for the miracle […]

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My Breaking Heart

Forty-six years ago this very morning (it is 6:30am) I, a weary yet proud young mother of three children in diapers, waken to the realization that our son is not beside our conjugal bed as he’d been since his birth three months earlier. While my husband and I strain to make life comfortable for our […]

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Where I Belong

(Four years ago) It is day seven of nine at a rehab center where I am placed following a second hip replacement. Additionally, I contract Shingles and family is not allowed to visit. I am highly contagious. I immerse in devastation. The physical therapy staff is exceedingly helpful and kind. They work with me and cheer […]

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