Wounded Healing

Harsh yet healing winds Fracture Breaking through bindings Of silent still hearts. We step off edges seeking An abyss a pattern it Haunts our night terrors And slowly ever so slowly What is known leaves. That which is new is relentless Pounding at our carefully locked doors Unceasing. Fear fades Courage arches and struts and […]

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Where I Belong

(Four years ago) It is day seven of nine at a rehab center where I am placed following a second hip replacement. Additionally, I contract Shingles and family is not allowed to visit. I am highly contagious. I immerse in devastation. The physical therapy staff is exceedingly helpful and kind. They work with me and cheer […]

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So Very Quiet

So quiet Ignored overlooked perceived as weak diffusively torn So quiet Curled in a fetal she keeps her small body cradled in her corner So very quiet Weeping without sound hair matted unclean damp tears and sweat So entirely quiet In a world where no one stops talking. Where is her voice Is it caught […]

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Liberty’s Farewell

Quivering Quaking She touches her hand Strokes her hair of lightly falling waves Her soul dances before us backwards and forwards The view is inside little Liberty’s seven year-old journey. It tells her No Not yet Not one flower Not one sigh of resignation. Then we notice She, the great-granddaughter Has wrapped her body around […]

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Not knowing when to be quiet she asks too many questions, ponders aloud, and keeps the conversation going and going ~ exhausting family and guests gathered for an early breakfast before heading out to do chores at the family’s horse ranch she has grown to love so deeply. Her sister gently chides her for talking too […]

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Tears of Grace

Her most notable accomplishments Were ~ nothing at all. She did nothing spectacular She hurt not one living entity She caused no harm to her enemies She made each being feel acceptance She heard not criticism nor spoke of any harshness She felt plodded traversed bled wove And held high an even keel A sameness […]

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Awe thin ti City Awe thin ti City Trans Parent See Angry Arms Coffee Grounds Un Broke In When to engage the censoring mechanism While judgment & essential dislike(ness) Appear (Are) present? ~ self Do I truly miss the person Or, do I miss the idea of the person? (paraphrased from F. Woodman, Journal) 2013 […]

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Wisdom Keeper: The Lostine Lady

My precocious sister is a rancher and cowgirl. She grows hay, breeds horses, goats, chickens; all on a spread in Oregon. She lives in a county without a single traffic signal. Forty-five lush acres is her world of horse camps predominantly  dealing with dressage. She has an enclosed arena and enough chores to make one […]

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We Are Many Stories

My whole life I am told I “present” well. It has also been suggested that this may be in response to being called “a weakling” and “Gravel-Gertie-Ugly” as a little girl Tom-Boy. It has been said I am too nice, perhaps inviting mean-spirited people to take advantage of me. Another well-rehearsed saying is that I […]

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Betrayal’s Lesson

We are each many stories and experience numerous struggles. If we are honest, we each know the frazzled and weary world of betrayal. It is sometimes difficult to understand and resolve betrayals. Yet we all have been there ~ and will be again if we live fully. One way to perceive betrayal is that we […]

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  He is such a huge surprise. A wee little boy, he is. Born with dark blackish-brown eyes, First Nation Cherokee skin, and a tug-your-heartstrings animal cry. He asks for everything, and nothing. His sisters stare at him as though he is magically manifested into their lives. They are too young to understand that their […]

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