My Friend

The eyes are cloudy Neck muscles ripple tension catching the light The voice struggles to enunciate Weary, worn, and weak. A bird flutters outside the window Adorning a setting sun On a lavender-colored lake With songs of mating. Inside, the eyes sparkle, rivet, and descend to folded hands on a frozen lap that cannot quite […]

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Come Find Me!

I wish I were Up high in the trees Where I could see the lives Of loved ones and animals Where I am protected Hidden and smelly Safe and soiled Unknown to anyone Unknowable to all Freshly seeing the world Youngish and churlish live yet brilliant Contentedly passing time Never to be found wanting Never […]

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Dressed in sunrise Bathed in brushed gold Sheltered by majesty and mountains Removed from civilization. A monument to earlier times Earlier memories Crying babies Betraying lovers. Harsh words and bulging veins Gifts of peace and compassion Radiate from its windows and doors Inviting each of us to return again and again. Come. Step in. And […]

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And I Am Changed

Awake sounds of silence Rays warm a conjugal bed sweet embraces ~ Time allows an abeyance. Rising in panic running falling running tripping held breath gasping running disbelief. Awareness touching cold touching blue touching soft blankets of baby joys Thundering happiness Gone Screams silent echoes. Sounds of chattering and laughter ~ Another room Another crib […]

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Little Boy Gone

Thank you from my heart for your smell your sounds your energy.   The way you approach my cooking The way you grab my hand The way you cuddle Your gorgeous skin Your silky hair Your deep dark eyes of lives past.   Thank you for being with me for a while. Written January 13, […]

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Four Women

The following poetry honors the death of Julia Inez Nelson Hart. It is written In response to 1) Katrine Dunn’s photograph of Great-Grandmother Hart & her great-granddaughter (Katrine’s daughter), Liberty; 2) an audio piano music composition by Nahnee (Katrine’s mother) along with five pieces of poetry; and 3) a recording of Liberty & Nahnee (Dianne, […]

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A Letter to Mama Hart

I I hear the measure of your words feel the ryhthm of your walk I see your God in the flowers you treasured so highly. II By your presence you brought new understandings with melodies of acceptance You brought scents of adoration and heralded victories of quiet patience. III You simply calmly serenely understood and […]

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One Ordinary Angel

The cold bit into her face making her gasp. A list lay on the seat beside her. She is heading for the car repair shop with plans for the day looming in front of her. Nothing seemed certain. Worst of all, there was no one to pick her up from the repair shop. Her morning […]

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It was a strange and disarming truce she, Montana Mattingly, entered into, not really knowing with whom. Her sister was dying and liked to hint that their mother owed them some unspoken debt from a vague and never fully defined childhood memory. That was her sister’s perspective. Life rules modeled by the family: People are […]

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Having Dreamed I Have Died

Soothing the monster Of free-floating shame-filled eyes In ancient clumps teeming With empty broken sewage. Naked bowels Lurk Haunting Eroding one’s heart. Seeking light Hungering numbness drinks in The empty and glaring remains In the shadows. Yet opening always To the skies it nods affirmation Awaits validation As the light grows ineffably ~ To drown […]

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I Love My Loves

Three heart beats Three hearts beat Three beats of smoothly glistening petals thrown along the path Of freely befallen fears. When will it stop Will it stop Ever in our trudge along and through the mountains of lazy detritus. Dissolving a hazy sequence of fears Using fear for courageous radiance Allowing it to immure us […]

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My Breaking Heart

Forty-six years ago this very morning (it is 6:30am) I, a weary yet proud young mother of three children in diapers, waken to the realization that our son is not beside our conjugal bed as he’d been since his birth three months earlier. While my husband and I strain to make life comfortable for our […]

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Wounded Healing

Harsh yet healing winds Fracture Breaking through bindings Of silent still hearts. We step off edges seeking An abyss a pattern it Haunts our night terrors And slowly ever so slowly What is known leaves. That which is new is relentless Pounding at our carefully locked doors Unceasing. Fear fades Courage arches and struts and […]

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