A Mostly True Story

Exhausted from her life in the trees Corky-Belle falls fast asleep. She dreams of ways to slip away from Mother, Father, her sister Chloe-Marie, and ballet classes. Her hair flies out from under broken red goggles. Her clothing shows rips and tears from tree-climbing. She wears a cape made from one of Mother’s worn tablecloths. Corky-Belle’s world […]

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Amazing Little Moo-Man

My name is Little Moo-Man. I am a cat. When you look at me from one side, I look like a very small little cow. From the other side, I look like a white cat. I live with humans in an cobbled-together lake place of two cottages, a detached office, and two out-buildings, old and […]

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Kitty-Kitty the Wonder Bird

When I am born, I do not tweet like a bird. No-no-no! I meow like a little kitten and my family, thinking this is cute, names me “Kitty-Kitty the Wonder Bird!” There are two highly important friends in my life, my best friend Kirsten the Fish, and my favorite human, Liberty, a little girl. You see, […]

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