Muscles Murphey

Thin gangly arms, hair cut above her ears, she lives high in the trees overlooking the Florida  seaside town. Her Cherokee mother places her into the ballet classes of a reknowned Italian dance teacher ~ with the hope she will cease beating up little boys. Nine-year-old Muscles would go on to live and breathe classical […]

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A Mostly True Story (Version #2)

Exhausted from her life in the trees Corky-Belle falls fast asleep. She dreams of ways to slip away from Mother, Father, her sister Chloe-Marie, and ballet classes. Her hair flies out from under broken red goggles. Her clothing shows rips and tears from tree-climbing. She wears a cape made from one of Mother’s worn tablecloths. Corky-Belle’s world […]

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Amazing Little Moo-Man

My name is Little Moo-Man. I am a cat. When you look at me from one side, I look like a very small little cow. From the other side, I look like a white cat. I live with humans in an cobbled-together lake place of two cottages, a detached office, and two out-buildings, old and […]

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