Bobbi Died Today

As I write this I want it to be right for her. I want it to say things that are meaningful for her. I want it to be real. And, I want to speak of her heart. The tears come and burn my tired eyes as I hold her in my emotional embrace. Bobbi died […]

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How might I start This piece of inspiration About how I can roust A deep and most riveting Memory of your loving acts? Your wanderings circling our planet Your ideas enriching our young Your actions of heroic heart From cruelties Of our world Your world. With your heart for humanity You demand and replace all […]

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Adeste Animis*

Courage abounds while trivialities pale Mercy is guaranteed to all who come near Within her sight-lines Special friends, local ministers, acquaintances, workers at the local supermarket, yard workers, professors at our local campus, doctors, dear and hostile neighbors, therapists, the fast-food cashier, sanitation workers, teachers, auto mechanics, nurses, animal lovers, and children of all ages. […]

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On Her Own

My friend Enters the arena where She is losing her mother She is losing self She is losing her son She is seeking What A safe place upon which to land Does anyone understand How can this be This trial of life Its force of credibility Make way, my child Allow her to wander Allow […]

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