Bobbi Died Today

CrystalLake (4)

As I write this

I want it to be right

for her.

I want it to say things that are meaningful

for her.

I want it to be real.

And, I want to speak of

her heart.

The tears come and burn my tired eyes

as I hold her in my emotional embrace.

Bobbi died today.

Our gentle and kind Forever Sister, our faith-filled friend.


Presenting the irony of cancer beaten

yet left with lungs that could not

Support her spirit.

Our. Bobbi. Died. Today.

The open and warm fullness of

a phone call

is followed by the

contrasting cold-cloaked

emptiness of a brief email.

Bobbi died today .

Clouds roll by;

a breeze quivers the trees.

The lakes lap of quiet,

animals pause and stare at our sorrows.

Our Bobbi died today.

Friends hold their collective breath

asking for God’s hand

to hold her in comfort,

to lift her wings,

and set her



~ Lovingly authored by Di Murphey & Don Meldrum