Water falls Each drop suspended Landing in my hair On my shoulders Dancing on my tongue Pooling little mirrors On the sidewalk It makes me laugh I feel such joy I do not use an umbrella.

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wakened with anguishing Cracked heart pieces Numbing adoration for Humans Unkind Unnecessarily unkind Mean-spirited Harboring ill Harming ways Blood screams of Silence Where might I go? Where do I fit? Where do I belong?   Hello, Fawn ~ Great Spirit God here, Remember how your heart always seemingly   Stays open to those who don’t […]

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She Asked

What brought me? I tell her the story of my Mayday Mayday Mayday at my daughter’s I tell her of my discovery After years of various therapists Of ten years of dehumanizing dissociated Conjugal intimacy Mixed with choking blood porn violence It takes a few breaths and beats of time My throat catches It comes […]

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I understand My psyche is not okay Never has been Yet It does not have to Be this way I have mistreated It by giving It a responsibility One that is incomprehensible And causes a broken Weak Unsustainable psyche Signaled By fear and incessant neurotic Thought.       (per Singer “Untethered…)

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After fifty years my heart and the Snake River overflow from the greatest snowfall winter ever. Why can I not maintain an engaged and purposeful life with continuity with consistency? Why am I now overflowing with harmful thought? Am I like the river? How can it be that I am lost and confused in the […]

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Tender Mercies

Family might grow these in a real Tender Mercy Garden Sometimes it is friends ~ Whoever steps up to offer respite for our tired and wearily ragged souls Try to understand They adore you and want you alive safe and thriving Be aware of their weariness in the event you overextend them Allow spaces Allow […]

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Mayday Mayday Mayday

… and the Great Spirit steps in. I’ve left my Florida lake cottage for San Francisco. My first-born daughter. Her precious husband. We are together and within a few days we will fly to Santa Fé, New Mexico. We are deeply excited. We go to art galleries and watch lovely documentaries and movies. It is […]

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I’m Tired

Can it be that human suffering is growing exponentially each day I waken? Could the suffering get any respite from this cruel world? Could we educate our young to ease the suffering as a gift to humans? Why is it deeply ingrained to cause hurt? OR Am I only seeing one side or that I […]

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Fearless & Free

 April 29, 2017 Prompt: My friend is turning 65 on May 1st. This is how I see my friend, Shelley Carroll ~ fearless and free. She is amazing and I learn from her every time I am around her. 

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Specimens. Under glass. Bound. Ensnared. Unidirectional. Captured. Marked. Why? Frozen in time A raw collection A time of forced connection. Studied ~ mothering. Touching. Reaching. Breathing. Earthling-mandated rape of the soul The callousness of bondage rules. We will do this together. We will make this work. Traversing toward total, absolute freedom. Zoo. A human zoo. […]

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