My Friend

The eyes are cloudy Neck muscles ripple tension catching the light The voice struggles to enunciate Weary, worn, and weak. A bird flutters outside the window Adorning a setting sun On a lavender-colored lake With songs of mating. Inside, the eyes sparkle, rivet, and descend to folded hands on a frozen lap that cannot quite […]

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Battle Fatigue

  My head is soaked Blood splatters across my chest Eyes cry out for nourishment And yet . . . Aching throbbing wincing Hungering dear eyes Half-eaten dreams Recalling what? A time A time when A time when it was embedded Curled scraping ensnared A fatigue of battle ~ with a hint of hope, undead. […]

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My Heart Will Beat

My heart will beat with the calmness of a newly born soul Held tightly in the arms of the Great Spirit who sees inside those standing near her without fear without tremor without judgment spilling over. Instead I will breed new life within my depression-storing and anxiety-inducing responses and even the agony of stopping too […]

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Muscles Murphey

Thin gangly arms, hair cut above her ears, she lives high in the trees overlooking the Florida ┬áseaside town. Her Cherokee mother places her into the ballet classes of a reknowned Italian dance teacher ~ with the hope she will cease beating up little boys. Nine-year-old Muscles would go on to live and breathe classical […]

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