American Fugue

Definition of American Fugue: A period of loss of awareness of America’s identity; often coupled with flight or departure from our known environment.   Rigid frozen cumbersome. She cannot call up her tears They choke sway remember Push hold her breathless Think of the ending The ending of pain ~ Rough harsh intermittent insolent driven relentless […]

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  The flowers are dead My son is dead Papa is dead Du is dead All five Rescue Animals are dead America is dead. Family relations are splintered Friends are reluctant Art weeps for Small signs of healing The lake the lake Into the lake of countless tears Uncried tears from my wearily-torn heart. August […]

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I hear not one clipped violin what was he thinking, I wonder was his heart broken into splintered mountains of God’s hands tired and weary, yet guiding shoving leading affirming breaking ending in a minor stunned chord hanging we are hanging and left questioning forever. August 25, 2017 Meldrum Poetry ~ prompt: Samuel Barber’s Adagio, […]

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Water falls Each drop suspended Landing in my hair On my shoulders Dancing on my tongue Pooling little mirrors On the sidewalk It makes me laugh I feel such joy I do not use an umbrella As I dance throughout my reality.

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wakened with anguishing Cracked heart pieces Numbing adoration for Humans Unkind Unnecessarily unkind Mean-spirited Harboring ill Harming ways Blood screams of Silence Where might I go? Where do I fit? Where do I belong? Hello, Fawn ~ Great Spirit God here, Remember how your heart always seemingly Stays open to those who don’t Fit or […]

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Yet Another New Therapist

What brought me? I tell her the story of my Mayday Mayday Mayday at my daughter’s I tell her of my discovery After years of various therapists Of ten years of dehumanizing dissociated Conjugal intimacy Mixed with blackout choking blood forced pornography violence It takes a few breaths and beats of time My throat catches […]

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I understand My mind is not okay Perhaps it never ever has been Yet It does not have to Be this way I have mistreated It by giving It a responsibility One that is incomprehensible And causes breaks Weak Unsustainable psyche Signaled By fear and incessant neurotic Thought.      

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    After fifty years my heart and the Snake River overflow from the greatest snowfall winter ever. Why can I not maintain an engaged and purposeful life with continuity with consistency? Why am I now overflowing with harmful thought? Am I like the river? How can it be that I am lost and confused […]

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