Shiny new squeaky clean His breath is minty His teeth even and white The belly of his muscles Extend past normal Jeans tight against his crotch Shirt taut with the weight of his breath He smiles and caresses His own body There’s no one home. May 5, 2014  Meldrum Poetry   Prompt: Pateh’s Song “Let […]

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On Her Breast

The circle of life and death tattooed on her breast She walks daily to lay a fresh hand-woven wreath at his grave Whispers of dull aches scream in her bones. Longing to hear his laughter Feel his breath Quiver under his weight She is at once broken and renewed and she walks away.  May 5, […]

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Stems of Knots

It is dark woodsy heavily scented A blossom beckons to me I lower my body Into the lush growth And stay For a while. May 5, 2014 Meldrum Poetry Workshop  Prompt: Marilyn’s Painting

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In the Name of Love

Hah! I know you and your song to a lost love of passion; Hah! You’re still in love with her And you’ll NEVER GET OVER HER! So… How does that leave you? It leaves you A better man A more loving man A man who takes nothing for granted A man who notices the details […]

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And I Am Changed

Awake sounds of silence Rays warm a conjugal bed sweet embraces ~ Time allows an abeyance. Rising in panic running falling running tripping held breath gasping running disbelief. Awareness touching cold touching blue touching soft blankets of baby joys Thundering happiness Gone Screams silent echoes. Sounds of chattering and laughter ~ Another room Another crib […]

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Little Boy Gone

Thank you from my heart for your smell your sounds your energy.   The way you approach my cooking (my milk-swollen breasts) The way you grab my hand The way you cuddle Your gorgeous skin Your silky hair Your deep dark eyes of lives past.   Thank you for being with me for a while. […]

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My Little Blank Page

Does my blank page care that it is still blank Will it have trouble sleeping tonight Will it curl up with its mother left alone ~ unneeded? Will it twist around and watch the other pages fill with scribbles and art and wonder how it feels to be so deeply involved? Or will it stand […]

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Within her musing morass of mellow nobility, she cries out in labored breathing. A trail of tears journeys across her chest heaving as the wrappings of her child’s birthing fall away. Then, we hear the seemingly haunting and simple sound of living breath’s unfathomable wellspring. March 9, 2017 Project Meldrum   Flow: How this idea […]

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Four Women

The following poetry honors the death of Julia Inez Nelson Hart. It is written In response to 1) Katrine Dunn’s photograph of Great-Grandmother Hart & her great-granddaughter (Katrine’s daughter), Liberty; 2) an audio piano music composition by Nahnee (Katrine’s mother) along with five pieces of poetry; and 3) a recording of Liberty & Nahnee (Dianne, […]

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No Matter What

I notice the majestic oak in my peripheral sight Has a rather large “closest to the ground branch” Big enough to launch a treehouse mansion or a thousand voices of victory. Sadly, it is dead, yet still hanging attached to the trunk. Unwell from this dead branch and needing its own celebration the rest of […]

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  Beneath the quadruple bypass Surrounding his stellar heart Breaking from a world Clumsily full of expectations He watches He waits He harbors and hides his life quests From all who adore him. July 31, 2016 Yankeetown Florida USA

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What The River Told Me

The wake will not The lightening will not The tiniest shell will not Or creature. The rain comes to wash the tears of God Into platelets of torn Forlorn hearts. How can this be? That Thou can see Our every stumble Every pause? July 15, 2016 Yankeetown florida USA The River

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A Letter to Mama Hart

I I hear the measure of your words feel the ryhthm of your walk I see your God in the flowers you treasured so highly. II By your presence you brought new understandings with melodies of acceptance You brought scents of adoration and heralded victories of quiet patience. III You simply calmly serenely understood and […]

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I Could Be A Tree!

Perhaps in another world I could be a tree! And every time I open my mouth You’d see a part of me   Reaching and arching toward the skies with leaves of purest green As roots and rabbits dig deep down inside my mouth to dream.   Of fair weather days with chattering birds having […]

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One Ordinary Angel

The cold bit into her face making her gasp. A list lay on the seat beside her. She is heading for the car repair shop with plans for the day looming in front of her. Nothing seemed certain. Worst of all, there was no one to pick her up from the repair shop. Her morning […]

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