Her strong voice commanded Strength, direction, and sureness Followed by a hint of kindness At the beginning of our medical interview Prior to surgery in a teaching hospital. As things progressed her voice and eyes Changed Becoming clouded with interest and hauntings Of a berceuse, a lullaby of caring concern. In the end we were […]

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Dressed in sunrise Bathed in brushed gold Sheltered by majesty and mountains Removed from civilization. A monument to earlier times Earlier memories Crying babies Betraying lovers. Harsh words and bulging veins Gifts of peace and compassion Radiate from its windows and doors Inviting each of us to return again and again. Come. Step in. And […]

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Wounded Healing

Harsh yet healing winds Fracture Breaking through bindings Of silent still hearts. We step off edges, seeking An abyss, a pattern, it Haunts our night terrors And slowly, ever so slowly What is known leaves That which is new is relentless Pounding at our carefully locked doors unceasingly Fear fades as courage arches and struts […]

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Sentry of the Heart

  He is a Roman coin taking on human form A mass of silver curls Sits atop his noble head He smiles kindly as the catchlights in his eyes fire with warmth His chin raised in triumph. His skin is golden and calms the harshness of reality A full beard neatly frames his face He […]

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Waiting She is coming To be With. Through trial ‘midst family partings She appears Again and Again. The pulse, beat and rhythm Of life’s messy journeys Won’t keep her away She comes. January 12, 2014 Lago de Crystalle

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Messy political adversarial Smelly tainted another scourge of existence Ludicrous comedies play daily in the areas of what some dare call Education. Fraught with priggishness Power salaciousness gender-bashing racism and self-heralded sainthood. It fosters the great imposter and leveler of playing fields As in an open wound Unyielding Un-healing Education. January 12, 2014 Crystal Lake […]

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And Yet . . .

The adoration that dwells within me ~ Fills me to overflowing Turns my limbs to mush A’quivering ‘neath the grand sky Of long sought-after harmony. And yet, still I wonder Is this love? Is this my heart’s symphony? A symphony of longing For all to be free And joyous And true. And yet, mine? February […]

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Commit your heart to clarity I beg of you my love It does not become you To be obtuse or foggy. In your proclamation of adoration In your desire to be vague yet comical In your quest to conquer the unfathomable I beg of you try again. Be full of life and exhort the thrills […]

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Is it something ill-defined? Or could it be an abyss? Unfathomable? Maybe it’s the energy of the moon (la luna)? Perhaps time has caused it to grow cold? I do not know. Only that my heart feels dead and I could not respond to intimacy. No light, no eye contact, no magic oil. A bit […]

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One Dear Friend

My friend. She wears a perpetual look of disappointment. Her eyes do not sparkle when her laughter echoes throughout the room. Her body never ceases to keep a slight yet quick beat of intentional jumping. Her heart is kind yet judgmental, her intellect searching yet narrow. My own heart wants to invite her to relax, […]

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Tumbling sliding immersing Blinding swiping recoiling The finding and looking then stealing A tiny fabric of comfort called home or Where I belong A tiny piece of regard A tiny piece of self proclamation A piece Small way to matter. A small way to journey toward something that counts A small way to heal a […]

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  His voice said Come His eyes said Stay His mouth whispered of peaks and castle tops His hands implored Honor my touch. I ask Who are you? I ask How did you know of my hunger? I sang of love dying and lost I beat the death march on my drum. He said I am […]

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Swaddled thoughts of your voice Drip slowly between the mosaic memories of our moments ~ sequestered ’round a lamented book of atonement and adoration ~ Seemingly hidden themes of extreme provocation dance and twirl and rumble away. Senselessly away. March 22, 2017

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