School Days

“The blood dries on my handmade white cotton dress with lace inserts. My hair is cropped short. Long thin limbs are attached to my ten-year-old torso. A nervous smile plays a child’s game with my mouth. I am cornered. Again.” It seems to happen these days more often than before. Don’t look at her face. […]

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Amazing Grace

Raised by her distinguished and adoring father, she is considered a natural scholar and athlete. She delights in presenting her father with excellent grade reports and in delivering the news of having set new school competitive swim records. Although also gifted in the arts, this dark-eyed, laughing, engaging child will soon become another high school […]

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Fawn’s Guidelines

What stands out in your mind? Was anything a bit confusing? Is there a part about which you’d like to know more? Please use the above guidelines when willing to give feedback after reading a work. I am grateful FawnRising2017

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Howling Bright Spot

The light is fuzzy and warm and rich and dark. It is softening the lined face in deeply impaired pain. Awakening and walking through shudderingly exquisite awareness that surely will end with the cessation of death’s final howl. March 3, 2011 collaborative Photograph by MichaelWeiss/FawnRising  Thunder Bay, Canada/Gainesville, Florida USA

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In a Dither

Angry arms Coffee grounds Un broke in When to engage the censoring mechanism While judgment and essential dislikeness appear Are present ~ Do I truly miss the person or do I miss the idea of the person? January 1, 2013 San Rafael, California with Kirsten

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Was It You?

Oh, my! What can I say? Was it you who’s treasure glistens and crackles And is a balm for my broken weariness And cakes over the isolation? Is it your eyes that shimmer and flash And cloak me with gratefulness for your trust your presence your breath your commitment to simply be Just be with […]

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A Time of War I

Everything I ever lost was during a time of war ~ Relationship Wars Though I am considered everyone’s favorite friend, partner, wife, role model I jest to cover the broken shards of gilded memories that linger. While I simultaneously embrace change Change that propels me through the dance of aging The greatest war is with […]

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Having Dreamed I Have Died

Soothing the monster Of free-floating shame-filled eyes In ancient clumps teeming With empty broken sewage. Naked bowels Lurk Haunting Eroding one’s heart. Seeking light Hungering numbness drinks in The empty and glaring remains In the shadows. Yet opening always To the skies it nods affirmation Awaits validation As the light grows ineffably ~ To drown […]

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For the Children

Truth. Praying we only have a bit of dust in our eyes Seeking Noble truth. Actually Four Noble Truths as my friends Virginia and Colin and the great Buddha suggest.   We suffer about and for the children Watching for signs Listening for a healing for the children.   Seeking a way for the miracle […]

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I Love My Loves

Three heart beats Three hearts beat Three beats of smoothly glistening petals thrown along the path Of freely befallen fears. When will it stop Will it stop Ever in our trudge along and through the mountains of lazy detritus. Dissolving a hazy sequence of fears Using fear for courageous radiance Allowing it to immure us […]

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My Breaking Heart

Forty-six years ago this very morning (it is 6:30am) I, a weary yet proud young mother of three children in diapers, waken to the realization that our son is not beside our conjugal bed as he’d been since his birth three months earlier. While my husband and I strain to make life comfortable for our […]

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