I Will Love Again

The signs were there. I ignored them. The comfort of being loved was overwhelmingly sought by me. Now, I must deal with the loss. Feel it. Experience it. Allow it. Forgiveness is important. It takes less energy and allows me to reclaim my own power. To resent or hate or withhold forgiveness is giving away […]

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A Child’s Cheek

I Humans Unforgiving terrorizing deliverers of ultimatums Sequestered in forests of greed Boiling dreams of their highest And best into stews of carnage. II How deliberate is this action of desired power? Can we set it aside and allow The bold scenting of A never-ending nightmare to fester And remain forever heightened? III Hope awaits […]

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Tears of Grace

Her most notable accomplishments Were ~ nothing at all. She did nothing spectacular She hurt not one living entity She caused no harm to her enemies She made each being feel acceptance She heard not criticism nor spoke of any harshness She felt plodded traversed bled wove And held high an even keel A sameness […]

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We Are All Addicts

Combining the Judeo-Christian recovery program of 12-Steps with Buddhist psychology and spiritual practice in a way that is balm for ┬áthe soul, means we can finally take a step back. Breathe. Opening our hearts to acceptance and compassion and forgiveness, we find we are able to extend the hand of peace as we nurture each […]

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