Within a span of three days during one holiday season, there is an odd yet revealing energy allowing itself to be present. Four invitations and planned outings are abandoned for various reasons. Oddly, each cancelled commitment is originally initiated by four separate and dear friends. First, my manly romantic interest cancels a lovely afternoon of attending […]

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Awe thin ti City Awe thin ti City Trans Parent See Angry Arms Coffee Grounds Un Broke In When to engage the censoring mechanism While judgment & essential dislike(ness) Appear (Are) present? ~ self Do I truly miss the person Or, do I miss the idea of the person? (paraphrased from F. Woodman, Journal) 2013 […]

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Slow. Oh. So. Slow. Bit by tiny bit We tear at the remains Over time Wounds gather Boiling Festering Smelling Rotting The stench of slow death By words Those spoken And those not. Fawn rising March 7, 2011

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A Time of War

Photograph of Fawn Rising (Nahnee) by Erin Liberty Dunn, age 6 Everything I ever lost Was during a time of war ~ Relationship war. And, you will hear me say, smilingly Oh, yes! I lost that in a time of war when conjugal visions Came unraveled. I, considered everyone’s favorite former girlfriend former partner former wife […]

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Pounding Heartache

How can I tell you goodbye When your entire body is beckoning us With joy and verve and crumpled laughter It is with the knowledge that The angels are waiting for you And for me We shall go together You and I And if that doesn’t  play out well within God’s plan I will meet […]

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Row Ashore

    Of ancient souls Come, my love Reach and rock My heart in yours It is a wellspring Of gentle movements Crashing Upon the shore Who loved before us And left us their remnants Of broken bows And paddles And disintegratingly exquisite dreams.

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My Michael

Sir Michael by Kirsten Coeur, Sr. Graphic Designer, Autodesk  11.26.2016 Crystal Lake, Florida USA   A well-traveled Prince of Peace Golden flecks sprinkle his heart Generosity wears his soul As if in perpetual prayer.   Humans rally Animals flock and stare Art pursues the bent of his care And all are welcome   Whatever Wherever […]

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