Wisdom Keeper: The Lostine Lady

My precocious sister is a rancher and cowgirl. She grows hay, breeds horses, goats, chickens; all on a spread in Oregon. She lives in a county without a single traffic signal. Forty-five lush acres is her world of horse camps predominantly ┬ádealing with dressage. She has an enclosed arena and enough chores to make one […]

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The Tenderest Day

  Assaulting Intense rapaciousness Awaiting An invisible web Alighting Newfound fertile soil Marking how, when Where is your soul today? Braking Bracing Brocading Broad-siding Catapulting Cartwheeling Canoodling Detrimental damage Decisiveness Demands Detaining Erroneous assumptions Erecting Emasculating although at the end Enlightening.

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Brightest Star Fades

Note: Handsome Jazz was found, left for dead beside a deserted highway, in Columbus, South Carolina. He had heartworms, filed down teeth, scars covering his body, and an emaciation state before unseen in a living creature. He had been the bait-dog in a dog fighting ring in the United States. Yet he persevered. He forgave. […]

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