A River in Yankeetown

July 15, 2016   The wake will not The lightening will not The tiniest shell will not Or creature   The rain comes To wash God’s sorrows Into platters of Torn forlorn hearts   How can it be? That Thou can see Our every stumble Every pause.    

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You See

You see I am not fully grown And hope ne’er to be For there are still So many questions Along with my rapacious curiosity. I adore my life And all who enter Taking parts of my soul To sprinkle elsewhere You seeĀ  There is a sometimes a gaping hole Running amok within the confines Of […]

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Hormones, After All

Are there certain incidents that trigger stress in you? Some, perhaps, more than others? In thinking about this development in my own life, I realize I allow these things to trigger and manifest in myriad ways: increased pulse; palpitations; fainting; lack of balance; migraines; fatigue; weeping; intense rumination; peace Perhaps, it is hormones.

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You And I Are Enough

‘Tis on the morn of day 23 My lover and I, silence wears us We look into the abyss of Each others’ catch lights As not the smallest wish is found. You see he is enough I am enough We are enough And destinations have no place In our world of now. It is a […]

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