The Hard Part

I adore romance. I always have and I suspect I always will. Now that I am at a new level in my life as a woman of wisdom, I find romance to be fun, fulfilling, and raucous ~ and deeply meaningful. Sometimes it can cause severe anguish. And while it may be a bit hard […]

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Betrayal’s Lesson

We are each many stories and experience numerous struggles. If we are honest, we each know the frazzled and weary world of betrayal. It is sometimes difficult to understand and resolve betrayals. Yet we all have been there ~ and will be again if we live fully. One way to perceive betrayal is that we […]

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What Is REALLY Important?

It is one of those days when for multiple reasons, it seems I need to make some  serious decisions. As I drive away from a “family council meeting” I pull off the road to take a picture of the lovely simple blue sky. It is calming to sit and drink in the serenity. It is […]

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Embracing Ambiguity

  Climbing as high as I can go with no place to go ~ How many of us do this as humans? Sometimes I feel obsessed with climbing toward a goal Without having a clue as to what I might do when I reach it I say, “Oh, well, this was a fun journey!” or […]

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