So. It is. I am older. I am more knowledgeable. I am perhaps more keen as to what may be lacking in our lives, as well as the goodness and mercy I witness in abundance. My dear brother’s death in January of 2015 (Douglas David Murphey) is still paramount in my mind’s wanderings, and […]

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  It is with slight trepidation And a  newfound respect for myself that I bubble up to the surface of the chaos in my brain And back down to the slimy bottom dregs of poisonous thought.   It is there I find the raping of human souls Vying for God only knows For I wither […]

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  He is such a huge surprise. A wee little boy, he is. Born with dark blackish-brown eyes, First Nation Cherokee skin, and a tug-your-heartstrings animal cry. He asks for everything, and nothing. His sisters stare at him as though he is magically manifested into their lives. They are too young to understand that their […]

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Adhere Smother Clasp Fasten Cherish Embrace Adhere Hug Clinch Clasp Cradle Squeeze Muzzle Seize Suffocate Seal Silence Smother  

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