Are you a candle Lighting the way For others? Lighting others so they might light others? Or are you dead Sucking up Life Where you find it? For fear is the root Of all mean spiritlessness Be not afraid For you are love Loved Loving.

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It is with regret And a bit of wonder I assuage my heart Over your betrayals I fly away Attempting to acknowledge my sorrows Only to return My heart in shards To love’s enduring melody. I hereby release and let go ~ and move on You see Thee and me We are free.

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To a life well-lived fully lived without fear; knowing, wondering, acknowledging that surrounding free-floating hostility is not about me; Detach Move on Embrace the next right thing; I may not have the answers Yet I am free; Finally free To be Whatever is my higher power; God or the Great Spirit or the Universe or […]

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Equivocation   Note: Title refers to avoidance of an issue.   It is a daily quest for me to dive under the cover of uncertainty as I polish and spit shine life’s oft exploding safety helmets during bouts of weary depression. For certain messages assail me. I hunger and am thirst obsessed, asking to step aside ghosts of […]

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