Make Me Go Home

The next kind thing On my side of the street Is filled with wonderment Of life’s abandoned street corners And puppies And kittens Where will we go To have our moments To glean the washes of time To remember how it was Perhaps we will go home To our very own souls.

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Third Phase

Hungry for the love of story I am not through I am not complete I want to be silly Not perfect I want more I want to be magical I want to be heralded I want to matter deeply To a lover To a child To leave a legacy of thought, writing, art, music With […]

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Dead Dreams Project

Can we begin again? I don’t think so. Is it kinder to allow you to think I am in love with you? I don’t know. May I continue to care for you, feel deep affection, and consider you my unrequited lover? Perhaps. Yet, is it even more kind to allow you to feel that I […]

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Children of the Dust

Tracks Twisted Turned Torpedoed Traded For hope of love though faded Finally in the fullness of the cracked moon Hanging by a thread from the heart As though it is spun from too many pieces Of rotted yet golden threads Seeking a belonging Somewhere Somehow.

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The River’s Reach

Prompt #3: Virginia’s Song “Bring Me A Rose” wintertime; bring when its hard to find; sweet most any time; oh how easy we forget; bring me a smile when I’m all alone when its hard to find; bring me some love in my autumn years when its hard to find; bring me peace when there’s […]

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Prompt #2: space (Dave Ravenblood, my friend, says make into a musical composition/another poet wants a hard physical copy) Space for my heart’s throb of owning a stand up bass Space for a favorite yet difficult chair Space for my impractical fantasy of a full grand piano Overlooking my refuge on a very sacred, tranquil […]

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